All you need is a payment terminal and you can take a rest from counting paper vouchers.

Thanks to us, you will have more free time.

More customers

More customers

Thanks to cooperation with Up ČR, over 300,000 employees can pay for their benefits with you.

Money within two days

Money within two days

Sleep peacefully for two nights while Mastercard handles processing of the payment.

Easy payment

Easy payment

eBenefity works just like a regular payment card. It supports Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Customer Login

How does it work?

The customer pays by card

Payment is always covered. The customer can spend up to the limit of the balance on their card.

Money within two days

It works the same as other payment cards. You will receive the money together with other card transactions from your bank.

You have perfect overview

You have everything arranged simply in one place in the Customer Zone.

Billing is the last thing we do

You keep all of the funds for more than a month.

Would you like to learn more?

    By submitting your data, you allow us to process your personal data to the extent defined on the Personal Data Protection page.

    You can find a lot of interesting information here, too.

    Like a regular payment card. Even a standard payment terminal can be used to accept it.

    This is complicated and may have several possible reasons.

    1. Perhaps not enough money is on the card, or it may be blocked.
    2. The card may be inactive. Simply collect the PIN in Můj Up and it will automatically activate.
    3. The card may have expired.
    4. The error may be on your side, for example, due to change of your terminal.

    At the start of the next month, we will add up all the transactions performed over the last month and calculate the commission agreed in the contract. We will issue an invoice and send you an e-mail with information telling you that you can download the invoice from the system with the list of transactions. Don’t forget to pay the invoice by its due date by sending the amount to our bank account.

    Your billing can be found after logging in to the Extranet as an administrator in the “Invoices” tab.

    Because we are changing over to a new payment card by Mastercard. We know that this is inconvenient, but it does have a lot of advantages. Two of the biggest advantages are using the card to pay directly at a payment terminal and your money reimbursed to your account within two business days. One disadvantage is that eBenefity and Gallery Beta cards will be in use simultaneously for a short while.

    Would you like to learn more? Download the document.

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      General Terms and Conditions 250 KB Download